Ask yourself…

..."Why am I here?" Yes really, these things that I see, hear, smell and feel. "Is this it"? This is only the beginning.


Realise that you are both…

...matter and energy at the same time and that you exist in a quantum universe that is in a constant state of flux.

I don’t claim to have all the answers…

...but I'm starting to understand the questions that I need to ask myself.

There are secrets… front of us that we have simply stopped looking for. Ask yourself, "what am I made of?" Do you want answers?

To witness the #moment… have to stay in the #moment. Take 5 seconds and simply realise you are the universe made manifest. Mind-blowing!

I go to sleep… night knowing that every morning I will wake up and do better and be better than I did and was today.

How is the #universe being actualized?

We are actualizing the universe.

Since we are part of the #universe…

...that makes the universe (and us) self-actualizing.

Act and be as though how you are…

...dictates that everyone else will be that same way.

Integrity… something that money cannot buy. There are others. Find them.