What do I know

Over the last few months I’ve become more and more interested in the idea of the universes tendency towards complexity, which lead me to the concept of the moral path of ultimate complexity.

In short, the idea for the tendency towards complexity is that as the universe continues to expand and grow it creates more and more complex ‘things’ until the universe becomes so complex it achieves complete conscious awareness aka divine providence aka omnipotence aka Godhood.

The moral path of ultimate complexity is a universal moral code for right and wrong, good and evil. The right thing to do (or good) is determined by whether or not the intention and action supports the tendency towards complexity. The wrong thing to do (or evil) would be the exact opposite, in that it stops or sets back the universe on its path to create the ultimate complexity.

For example, if we destroy all life on earth and the earths ability to support life, we as a species will have stopped the evolution of life from continuing on to its ultimate end game, and that would be a very bad thing. It’s not to say that life does not exist elsewhere or will not appear within the universe ever again, but we would have set the universe back by destroying life on earth, which is currently the most complex ‘thing’ we know to exist in the universe.

So this made me think. If the universe is on an unstoppable journey to become ever more complex in order to achieve its ultimate goal of becoming God (and by the way, you choose how you wish to interpret your understanding of God, I’m just using God as a catch all label for the end result of the universes tendency towards ultimate complexity). If this is true, then everything is always getting more and more complex.

Look at our own evolution, it proves the point. Look at the industrial revolution and how that has lead to the technological revolution and how these two periods have advanced machinery and technology. Cars for example are now complex computers on four wheels, running millions of lines of code, rather than the simple and original mechanics of a piston engine.

So what does this mean for us and the way we live? We live ever increasing complex lives as we develop deeper and wider cultural and social boundaries. Our use of language and our ability to communicate advance the way that we interpret and understand ourselves and the lives we live.

Surely this must affect our mind and our thoughts?

I’m by no means old, but I am starting to feel like the good old days belong to a time when I was younger. Life seems to be getting increasing faster and our expectations of what we can achieve are also being pushed to the limits. I like advancement and complexity but I also like simplicity.

I have found that over the last 10 years or so, my mind has become somewhat overloaded. We are bombarded with images and messages from television, social media, the internet, news outlets and many other things that are packaged in a way that they advertise themselves as ‘life aids’ but actually turn into, at best, simple distractions and at worse perception altering hindrances that affect our choices and the way we live our lives.

As a collective species, we seem to be forgetting that we are spiritual beings and that our minds are just a part of who we are. I find it amazing that when I meditate and connect with my conscious self that everything becomes so much clearer. In effect I remind myself to stop thinking what I know and to just trust what I know.

If you stop and think about it for a second, the amount of information that is stored in a single sperm or egg cells is incomprehensible. Something that I cannot see with my naked eye carries within it the potential to make something as complex as I am. That is truly remarkable and utterly, utterly amazing.

A couple of months ago I thought it was pretty amazing that I could get a 16Gb USB pen drive for about £12 and that it was only about 2cm in length and 1cm wide. In comparison to how we pass on our own genetic code, our technological storage systems pales into insignificance.

Life is truly amazing. We are life. We are truly amazing. Yet we seem more concerned with what is out there rather than what is inside. Maybe the universe has already given us everything that we need to know. We’re just looking in the wrong places for it?

I wanted to share this because if any of you reading this are anything like me, your thoughts may have become increasing complex in your search for the truth (by this I mean the meaning of life and those sort of questions). Even my line of thinking around the tendency towards complexity would support this, that everything gets more complex over time.

Does this include my thoughts?

Should this include my thoughts?

Why is it then that the practice of meditation is not to increase the complexity of ones mind, but to calm it. The purpose of meditation is to create clarity and a sense of spiritual oneness. This creates a sense of peace and when the mind becomes calm we are then able to listen to our intuition more carefully.

Is it possible that we already know everything that we need to know?

Is it that, in an attempt to feel superior, our Personality, Ego and Alter-ego distract us from this simple fact and over complicate our minds with trivia and unnecessary information?

I believe so.

The universe is far bigger than I am and has been around far longer than I have but at the same time I am part of the universe and I am aware of my conscious self. Is the universe not also concious of itself? We busy our minds with things that stop us from communicating with our spiritual being and thus stop us from connecting with the universal consciousness.

For the last five plus years I have tried to live not by what I think or believe I know, but by what I know I know and it all starts with this.

I know nothing. I now know something.

If I am aware of my doubt, maybe I am on the right path to enlightenment because ultimately it’s not the light that is the illusion, it’s the tunnel we create around it.


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